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      The continuing growth of the competitive household appliance market drives brand owners, product designers, and manufacturers to provide innovative ways to meet consumer needs and differentiate products and brands.

      Eastman is a leading supplier of clear plastic resins that inspire innovation. These performance-matched resins can help create value-added components that enhance the value of small appliances, floor care equipment, and major appliances.

      Here are a few of the attributes that contribute to your products' aesthetics, performance, and lifetime value.

      • Clarity
      • Toughness
      • Chemical resistance
      • Processability
      • Hardness
      • BPA-free
      • Tintability
      • Surface gloss
      • Strength
      • Heat resistance
      • Economics
      • Design flexibility
      • Acoustic properties
      • In-mold decoration
      • In-mold labeling
      Durastar and Tritan for in-mold decoration/labeling applications
      Get the facts about IMD & IML.

      Durastar and Tritan for in-mold decoration applications
      Learn more about acoustics.

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